Reading Flat Stanley

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Save The Garden

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My poem

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(Komodo dragon)


                                                                                     Komodo Dragons swim.

Komodo Dragons eat meat.



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The Frogs wet back can be many colours.Frogs have long back legs to jump longer.Frogs can be .5 inch and 1 foot (1.3 and 30 centimeters) long.


Frogs need wet habitat.They often live near rivers,ponds, and lakes.The most kinds of frogs live in rain forests.


Frogs catch food with there long, sticky tongues.Small frogs eat bugs and worms.Large frogs eat mice and fish.

Life cycle

Frogs lay eggs underwater.Baby frogs hatch from the eggs.They are called tadpoles.Tadpoles have green skin.

Fun fact

More then 4,000 kinds of frogs in the world.

Car Experiment

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Butterfly life cycle

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Today I’m going to tell you about the butterfly life cycle.

1) First it is a egg and the colour  is white.


2) Then it turn’s into a caterpillar can be green,yellow,black, or maybe red.

3) It turn’s into a chrysalis and it hatches on a leaf or a tree brach.

4) After two weeks the butterfly comes out and fly’s around.

Fly butterfly fly! Have a good day!



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Summer Olympic sports

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The sport i have choosen to blog about is the Track and

Field part of the olympics. I like the Womens track races

because you never really see how strong the women and

fast they are until you actually see them running. There 

arm and leg muscles are extremly strong and big. These

women start training from the time they are our age and

finally get a chance to compete when they are in college

or even later on in life.


She waits for the sound of the start gun staring at the hot

track below her, then bang the gun goes off, and away

they go running neck and neck down the track thinking

to herself when the final stretch of the track comes 

around that she will have to blast herself into full gear

in order to finish the race in first place, and then finally

when she wins the race an sense of relief and pride that

she has done what she has been training her whole life

to do, wins first place! 


Diary of a wimpy kid Rodrick rules

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On Thursday Rodrick got mad at Greg and he put a banana in his wii so Greg could not play it.On Friday Greg put a note on his back pack. Look in your back pack pocket it says you left your girl book and the baby is looking at it. On Saturday Greg was going to a sleep over at Rowly’s house and he had so much fun. They play Hockey on the PS3 the score was 4-3 Greg won.




On Sunday Greg saw Rodrick with a girl and they were at her house.On Monday Greg was in gym and he won a race.






The three billy goat gruff point of view

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The billy goats want to get fat. So they were going to cross the bridge. But the smallest billy goat was going across. But the troll stopped the goat from going across.
Troll’s point of view
I  want to eat you up for dinner.
OK I’ll wait.
Smallest Billy Goat Gruff.
I can be strong.
I can get across the bridge.
I don’t want  trouble.
Wait for my big brother to come he is way bigger and fatter than me.
 The medium billy goat
Let’s cross this bridge fast.
But the Troll herd me crossing the bridge so he came out of the bottom of the bridge.
Wait for my biggest brother ever he is so fat and big.
The largest billy goat
If anybody comes at me they should watch out.
The Troll came and we fought badly and I poked him with my horns and he ran away forever and never came back.
The billy goats gruff got fat.